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Anyone can become an ATDS referrer. This means that any business or individual can refer visitors to our site, and if that visitor purchases a service, ATDS will pay to the person who referred the customer a referral fee.

How do I register?

To become an Australian Tax Depreciation Services Referrer click here to register. Once registered, at any time you will be able to log in, make a new referral and see where your referrals are at. *

* Conditions apply. Not to be used with any other offer. Only applicable if a referral pays the total fee with no discounts.

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Expertise you can rely on

Our Structure

Our management structure, which is based on a 'team approach', results in an extremely flexible, personalised and efficient consulting service.

We focus upon applying the most advanced IT resources, information systems, financial planning tools and highly qualified human resources, to deliver and exceed client requirements.

Our Team

ATDS success is based on the ideology of knowledge-sharing, teamwork and a high-level of communication both internally and with our clients. For every schedule, we assign a dedicated team of experts with in-depth knowledge of specific industries and specific businesses. We allocate the best people for the schedule - and often combine experts from various locations and areas.

We then review the collated information and ensure a high level of information-sharing throughout the firm, through which we can leverage a broad range of skills and experience. These practice groups also ensure that trends in key industry sectors are monitored - helping our people to continually grow and maintain their expertise.

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