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Australian Tax Depreciation Services is owned and managed by Yenktesh Reddy, a leading advisor in the area of Tax Depreciation including guest appearances on Sky Business Report with David Koch and The Sun Herald " Investor Section, Moneymanager.com.au and The Australian Newspaper " Wealth Section.

Yenktesh is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and has completed over 50,000 depreciation schedules.

Our Team

ATDS success is based on the ideology of knowledge-sharing, teamwork and a high-level of communication both internally and with our clients. For every schedule, we assign a dedicated team of experts with in-depth knowledge of specific industries and specific businesses. We allocate the best people for the schedule - and often combine experts from various locations and areas.

We then review the collated information and ensure a high level of information-sharing throughout the firm, through which we can leverage a broad range of skills and experience. These practice groups also ensure that trends in key industry sectors are monitored - helping our people to continually grow and maintain their expertise.

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