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Depreciation FAQs

Can a Tax Depreciation Schedule increase my investment return?

The answer in the majority of cases is yes. A Tax Depreciation Schedule can reduce an investor's taxable income, and hence by claiming these deductions, investors can significantly enhance the after tax return from their investment and generate a healthier cashflow.

When is the best time to obtain a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

The best time is usually as soon as possible after settlement. This allows all items of plant & equipment included in the original purchase price as distinct from any other items and/or expenses incurred during the remaining period of ownership.

Where do I get a Tax Depreciation Schedule from?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has determined that a Quantity Surveyor is a qualified person to estimate construction costs for the purposes of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936) (TD 94/83, 13 October 1994. Para 2).

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor is an independent professional consultant to the property and construction industries, offering advice to investors, builders, developers, financiers and private clients.

How much does a Tax Depreciation Schedule cost?

The cost associated with preparation of a Tax Depreciation Schedule varies from firm to firm. Generally, firms charge depending on the level of resources required to produce the reports, the degree of expertise in the area, location of the property and the depth of analysis required. Some firms are notorious for hefty fees and whilst the cost associated with the preparation of a Tax Depreciation Schedule are fully tax deductible, you should obtain several fee proposals prior to the engagement of a firm.

Besides cost, what other factors should I consider before engaging a Quantity Surveyor?

Cost should not be the only factor considered when engaging a Quantity Surveyor. Other factors such as on-going service should also be considered. Your Quantity Surveyors fee should also include services such as answering all queries relating to the schedules from yourself, your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 

Who is Australian Tax Depreciation Services?

Australian Tax Depreciation Services is a professional practice of consulting Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Consultants providing a full range of building and property related services.

How can Australian Tax Depreciation Services help you?

Australian Tax Depreciation Services offers a vast array of Quantity Surveying services and specialises in the preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedules. At present, we are one of a few specialist firms in this area and we are endeavouring to become market leader, offering both maximum gains for our clients at minimum outlay. Australian Tax Depreciation Services works closely with property developers, solicitors, accountants, real estate agents and private clients to ensure maximum returns are realised. We service all areas Australia wide.